Puttng you, the traveller, in control

Smart travel delay insurance for your journey

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Select the delay you are willing to accept

Only you know the length of the delay you can incur before there is a knock-on impact on the purpose of your trip. So it makes sense for you to choose it.

Select the amount you want to be paid

Only you know the value you put on the trip and arriving on time. That’s why it makes sense that you tell us how much you will lose out on if you are delayed.

We pay you immediatly

We monitor your transport and if we identify a delay greater than that you have selected we let you know. But more importantly we pay you for the delay straight away!

Revolutionising travel delay insurance

Travel delays are on the rise, but traditional travel insurance really doesn’t meet the needs of today’s delayed traveller. If your journey is delayed, traditional travel insurance usually allows for only a small sum to be paid, even for lengthy delays!

That’s where Mergetrip comes in. We will allow you to protect the value of your trip and what you will lose in the event of a delay. Sometimes loss can easily be quantified but sometimes it is not so easy. For example, it is easy to quantify the cost of the ticket for the football match you missed due to a delay but how about quantifying missing your daughter’s 5th birthday party or the job you didn’t get because you were late for the job interview? That’s why we let you choose, how much in monetary terms a delay means to you?

Why are you developing this?

We’ve been caught out far too many times – and we need a product like this to protect the risk we have on trips we take. Sometimes you can self-insure by travelling a day early for your event, but annual leave precious and who wants to waste it?

15% of all flights are delayed by at least 30 minutes or more with 40% of those delayed by more than one hour. 18% of all UK rail journeys are more than 10 minutes late. That’s a lot of journeys not going as planned and we think there just isn’t a good enough solution at the moment.

We make it easy for you if your trip is delayed

With traditional travel insurance, if you trip is delayed, you have to wait until you are home again to contact your insurer with a claim. There’ll probably be some small print and your claim may not even be approved. That makes it very difficult for you to know whether you should go ahead and make alternative travel arrangements and can leave you out of pocket!

That’s where Mergetrip differs. You choose when you want to be paid and how much you want to be paid. We’ll monitor your mode of transport and if it’s delayed, we’ll pay you right there and then. No ifs no buts!

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