About Us

Mergetrip came about as we needed to connect (aka "merge") two unconnceted flights together. You can read about it on our blog but basically we had one flight to Poland on British Airways and a secondary flight to New Zelaland on Emirates. By doing this we were able to save many thousand of pounds BUT a delay in that first British Airways flight would have caused a massive disruption to our onward travel and would have left me massively out of pocket as we would have had to buy an on-the spot ticket to New Zealand. We could have self-insured by travelling out the day before to Poland; but not only would that have been costly (we would have needed a hotel) it would have been time consuming. Additionally, it wasn't an option as I had a work function I had to be at the day before.

Our mission is to put our travelling customers at the heart of everything we do, from communicating with you to paying you out.

My name is Akshay and I am the Founder of Mergetrip. My background is in risk-managed probability-based businesses and I have a big passion for travel. While the travel industry has innovated significantly (think Airbnb, Tripadvisor, and a whole lot more), the travel insurance industry is stuck back in 1990. It's time to move on and that's what we are here to do.

If you want to know more or are interested in knowing more or joining our team ping us a message at hello@mergetrip.com.

Welcome to the Mergetrip journey.

-- Akshay